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How To Build A Pet Friendly Home

In today’s world, pets are considered to be an important part of the family, and as such, it is essential to consider their needs when designing and building homes. Building a pet-friendly home is a great way to ensure that your furry friends are happy and comfortable in your living space. Read more here

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Should We Build or Renovate?

As a custom home builder and contractor with over 30 years in business, we sometimes get asked whether it’s better to build a new home or renovate an existing one. Read more here

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Five Design Considerations For Aging In Place

Design for aging in place is critical to creating a safe and comfortable living environment for someone who plans to remain in their home well into their senior years. Proper planning can help homeowners maintain their independence and stay in their homes for as long as possible. Read more here

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Net Zero Homes: Understanding and Achieving Sustainable Living

Net Zero Homes are the future of sustainable living. These homes can be built new as Net Zero or retrofitted to become Net Zero. They are designed to be energy-efficient, sustainable, cost-effective, and produce as much energy as they consume throughout the course of a year, thereby achieving a balance of zero net energy. Read more here

Net Zero Homes

How Smart Homes Are Impacting the World of Architecture

Smart homes are revolutionizing the way we interact with our living spaces and this is having a profound impact on the world of architecture. With the rise of home automation technologies, builders are now designing homes that are more responsive to the needs of their occupants, and that are capable of adapting to changing circumstances in real time. Read more here

First Impressions: Exterior Selections For Your Custom Home

Building a custom new home is an exciting and rewarding process but when you start with a blank piece of paper, it can also feel overwhelming.  With so many options for the exterior of your new custom home, it can be daunting to choose the right style, materials and colours. Read more here

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Maximizing Kitchen Space: Clever Storage Solutions for Every Style

If you’re considering building new or renovating, chances are that a kitchen is going to be one of the most important rooms we design. Not only is this often the gathering space for your family, but it is a room you will spend many hours in to create meals and snacks for years to come. We need it to function in the best possible way, while looking good. Read more here

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Four Considerations When It Comes To Designing Your Ensuite

As the new year descends upon us, we find ourselves looking for more ways to truly take care of ourselves – physically, mentally, and spiritually. Can a room in your home help you do that? We think so! Enter the Ensuite – a workhorse of a room that has the potential to transform you from tired and dreary to relaxed and ready. Whether it is a large or small room, a private closed off space, or a room open to the whole family, here are some considerations to ponder when planning your dream ensuite space! Read more here

Everything You Wanted To Know About Using Solar Power For Your Home

At Habitat Studio, our goal is to minimize the impact of our homes on the environment with energy conscious building practices that will benefit Edmonton and the Earth for generations. Energy efficient building methods or upgrades should always be completed first, and one of the last steps to being as efficient as possible is to generate your own energy, most often done with solar power. Read more here

A Look Back: Habitat Studio Celebrates 30 Years in Edmonton

In 2022, our team celebrated our 30th anniversary of building homes in the Edmonton area. We feel blessed to operate this business, helping Edmontonians build exceptional homes, while growing a strong team of experts in their field. Read more here

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Energy Efficiency: The Quest For A Better World

At Habitat Studio, our goal is to minimize the impact of our homes on the environment with energy conscious building practices that will benefit Edmonton and the Earth for generations. Read more here.


The Habitat Studio Difference

At Habitat Studio, every home is different. This is the benefit of using a full custom builder like Habitat Studio- No cookie cutter homes here! Combining your input and our design experience can bring your dream to life. Your home will be perfectly catered to your vision—a smart, beautiful space that combines comfort, functionality, and sustainability.

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