building process

We want to make sure that this experience is as pain free as possible. Our open-book construction management process gives you an unparalleled degree of control over all the decisions that matter to you. From energy saving techniques, to flooring, to what colour the welcome mat is going to be, we’re here as experts to advise while you make the decisions.

This approach has a number of advantages:

⏐ Transparency— You see the cost of everything. There are no hidden markups. Your cost is our cost plus a fixed building fee. This ensures that your budget is the first priority.
⏐ Making Changes— Even with careful planning, most people find themselves wanting to adjust some choices or features along the way. Our process makes this easy and economical.
⏐ Alignment of Interests— Our success depends on open communication and becoming part of the same team. We’re not happy unless you’re happy.
⏐ Input and Control—You have exceptional control over the decisions that affect your house.