A Closer Look: Habitat Studio’s 2024 Award Winning Projects

On March 16th, 2024, Habitat Studio proudly took home not just one, but two prestigious awards at the CHBA Awards of Excellence in Housing! Our team’s outstanding work shone brightly as we were awarded the Best Kitchen Renovation and the Best Garden Suite awards. In this month’s blog post, we dive in and explore the magic behind both our award-winning designs.

Unio: A Suite of Functionality and Design

WINNER: CHBA’s Awards of Excellence in Housing Best Infill Garden/Secondary Suite 2024

Built with intention, this award-winning garden suite home boasts a thoughtful floor plan that integrates privacy with proximity. Designed to support aging in place, the suite features a main floor mudroom leading to an open foyer, family room/office, and a second-floor accessible by staircase or elevator. The kitchen and bedroom are crafted with accessibility in mind, offering a curbless shower, in-suite laundry, and ample storage spaces. Our design solutions showcase a seamless integration of the suite with the primary home, emphasizing accessibility, shared common spaces, and a visually appealing interior palette.

Special features of the garden suite include inclusive design elements for aging in place, energy-efficient construction, and unique amenities like a double murphy bed and an elevator for easy access. The integration into the neighbourhood is seamless, with exterior materials mirroring the main residence and careful consideration given to neighbors’ privacy and property impact. This innovative project sets a benchmark for functional, inclusive, and community-integrated housing solutions.

Kaja: A Kitchen Transformation

WINNER: CHBA’s Awards of Excellence in Housing Best Kitchen Renovation 2024

Imagine a kitchen that not only meets your cooking needs but also seamlessly integrates with your entertaining lifestyle – this was the dream of our clients whose outdated kitchen was in dire need of a makeover. The original kitchen, cramped and disconnected from the dining area, left much to be desired. Seeking a modern touch and more natural light, the homeowners worked with Habitat Studio to revamp their space, resulting in an award-winning project that redefined their home.

The revamped kitchen now boasts a spacious, open layout that flows effortlessly into the dining area, complete with a long island perfect for both food preparation and casual dining. The addition of large windows and patio doors floods the space with natural light, creating a welcoming atmosphere. Special features like a designated coffee bar and wide plank flooring add charm and functionality to the space, while thoughtful design solutions like incorporating existing beams and teleposts showcase ingenuity in working around constraints to bring the vision to life.

With its blend of modern finishes, practical design elements, and a focus on creating a space for both cooking and socializing, this award-winning project stands as a testament to the transformative power of thoughtful design and skilled execution.

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