Your Home

At Habitat Studio, we think more. We consider where you’re going to store your road bike, how many steps you have to take when it’s time to do laundry, and whether you can see the kids in the playroom while you’re cooking dinner.

We think about these things because living in a house means more than a nice façade and a stunning entrance. It means making your everyday relationship with your home as remarkable as your first impression.


Whatever style you imagine for your dream home, we will help you make it reality. We create truly custom homes for our clients. No blueprint is ever duplicated because we start each home with a fresh approach. We also provide renovating services for improved, contemporary spaces in your home. Read more about our design process.


Creating homes with enduring value is of paramount importance to us. Our homes are built with high quality materials that we can confidently recommend based on our extensive history of homebuilding experience. Learn more about our advanced building practices.


Not only will our homes have a minimal impact on the environment, they are also built to last. Learn more about sustainable homebuilding.