Habitat Studio was founded in 1992 by Bruce Watt and Vince Campbell. In the first year, we completed two homes. Since then, we’ve grown steadily and responsibly—by our 20th anniversary, we were completing between 15 and 18 homes each year. This controlled growth has allowed us to maintain high quality without compromising design and construction excellence.

When Peter Amerongen joined as a third partner in 1994, sustainability became a hallmark of our homes. Peter’s passion for practical, durable, sustainable construction is built into all of our projects.

Our evolution into an employee-owned company in 2000 was an important step in defining Habitat Studio’s character and approach to quality. The working shareholder framework leads to a highly engaged team, ensuring a trusted set of hands on every project we design and build.

Today, we are an award-winning national leader in custom home building with a reputation for exceptionally beautiful, high-quality, sustainable homes.