Habitat Studio was founded in 1992 by Bruce Watt and Vince Campbell. After completing two homes in our first year, we’ve grown consciously, steadily, and responsibly. By our 20th anniversary we were completing between 15 and 18 homes annually. This controlled growth has allowed us to continue building high quality homes without compromising our values of design and construction excellence.

When Peter Amerongen joined as a third partner in 1994, sustainability and energy efficiency became the hallmark of our homes. Peter’s passion for practical, durable, and sustainable construction continues to be built into all of our projects. Now, Habitat Studio has become a nationally recognized industry leader in energy efficiency and sustainability. Peter continues to work with us, but in a smaller capacity.

Over the years we’ve maintained the same owner/operator format and have added an exceptional group of designers, project managers, and construction staff. The early 90’s brought the addition and wealth of experience of Norm Perrin and Trevor Hoover (now Senior Partners). Since then, Rick Young and Jason Hoover have risen to Junior Partners, destined to take over.

Norm joined Habitat Studio in 1993. Beginning as a carpenter he quickly worked his way up to project manager, and then to partner. Now he manages the entire building side of Habitat through his role as Director of Operations. Norm not only deals with the construction side of things, but he is also a visionary and creator. Keeping his construction background in mind, he analyzes and examines our designs and makes any necessary adjustments in the process. The efficiency and productivity of Habitat and its systems is greatly due to Norm’s hard work. He brings his passion for excellence to every task he faces.

A 1989 graduate of NAIT’s architecture and design program, Trevor joined the team as a draftsman in 1994. Now one of the partners and head of Habitat’s design section, he oversees every unique design produced by the “studio” side of the operation. He guides each Habitat client through the collaborative process of concepts, drawings and blueprints that precedes the building phase of every project. Trevor has earned widespread respect and recognition for his distinctive designs. He endows every Habitat home with its own identifiable flair, regardless of the architectural style chosen by the client.

No matter who holds the key to Habitat Studio, our core values of excellence, organization, integrity, innovation, and safety will persist.

To encourage a high level of employee engagement and dedication we use an employee profit sharing program. The result is a front line commitment to quality and attention to detail in every project that we build.

We are now an award-winning national leader in custom home building, sustainable design, and green building practices. The core fundamentals at Habitat are custom designing and custom building (with our custom management process being as green as we are). Our hard work has earned us awards for our exceptional beauty, high-quality, and sustainable homes from the Canadian Home Builders’ Association, Net-Zero Energy Home coalition, and more.

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